Hiking Mount Dukono Volcano in Maluku, Indonesia

Hiking Mount Dukono: An Adventure Amidst One of the World’s Most Active Volcanoes

Mount Dukono, one of the world’s most continuously active volcanoes since 1933, offers a thrilling hiking experience that ranks among the finest in Indonesia.

While it’s feasible to conquer Mount Dukono in a single day, the preferred approach is a two-day, one-night trek that includes camping on the mountain. This method is less strenuous and provides breathtaking vistas throughout your journey. For the most adventurous, there’s an option to ascend to the crater’s edge and peer inside, although this comes with its own set of risks.

The unique appeal of this hike lies in its relative obscurity among tourists. Located in a remote region of Maluku, it remains a well-kept secret, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the journey. While Mount Dukono may still be a hidden gem, it is poised to become a sought-after destination in the future. For now, it’s like having your own Mount Bromo experience without the crowds!

Mount Dukono: Journey to this remarkable volcano begins on the island of Halmahera, situated in North Maluku, Indonesia. The ideal place to set up your base for this adventure is the town of Tobelo, which offers an array of accommodations, dining options, and essential amenities.

To reach Dukono, you have a few airport options to consider: Kao Airport (KAZ) or Gamar Malamo Airport (GLX). Alternatively, you can fly to Ternate Airport (TTE) and embark on a boat ride to Halmahera, albeit this route involves a more extended travel time.

Wings Air operates several direct flights each week from Manado in North Sulawesi to these airports. Manado is well-connected with direct flights from Bali and Jakarta. For flight options within Indonesia, you can conveniently explore fares on Skyscanner.

Our journey to Mount Dukono commenced with a flight from Manado to Kao Airport, followed by a 1.5-hour drive to Tobelo, where we chose to spend the night both before and after our memorable hike.

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