McDonald’s Reintroduces Boo Buckets as Burger King Launches New Bucket Offer

McDonald’s to Reintroduce Boo Buckets in the U.S. as Burger King Launches New Buckets

McDonald’s is set to bring back its beloved Boo Buckets nationwide starting on October 17. The Boo Buckets will feature four unique character designs, each associated with a specific color. The classic purple pail will make a return, and other designs include the green bucket featuring Monster, the white bucket starring Mummy, and the classic orange bucket adorned with Skeleton. The purple bucket will spotlight Vempire.

These limited-edition Boo Buckets are expected to be in high demand, and McDonald’s notes that they will only be available “while supplies last.” To acquire these candy containers, customers will need to order a Happy Meal either in person or through the McDonald’s app. Instead of the traditional Happy Meal toy, customers of all ages will receive one of these four specially designed buckets.

McDonald’s Boo Buckets, including their previous pumpkin pail versions, have been cherished by families for years. The return of this novelty last year marked a highly anticipated comeback after a multiyear absence.

In the Halloween spirit, Burger King has also introduced its Halloween-ready buckets in select cities this month. These “Trick-or-Heat” buckets are designed to glow in the dark and draw inspiration from the chain’s ghost pepper menu. Burger King began offering the black buckets on October 13, but they are only available in Nashville, Tennessee; Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta; and Las Vegas area restaurants, and they are priced at $1 with any purchase.

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